Renewing Your Tag

Why are there differences in the cost of renewing my tag from year to year?

There may be several reasons for differences in the cost of your tag renewal:
  • Normally, a vehicle’s value will depreciate, reducing the assessed value of the vehicle
  • You may have moved into a new jurisdiction with a different tax rate
  • The tag you bought last year may have been pro-rated for a partial year. If so, your assessment this year will be higher since it will reflect a full year
  • Occasionally, the company which provides market values to the Department of Revenue assigns the same or higher values if a vehicle is a popular used vehicle.
What is the penalty for late renewal of a tag?

You should renew your tag by the last business day of your renewal month. The penalty for failure to renew within the time allowed by law is $15.00 plus 12% annualized interest to the date of payment.

Can I pay for and renew a tag for someone else?

Yes, if you have permission from the owner, and present the following:
  • The owner’s check (signed by the owner)
  • A copy of their driver’s license
  • Photo ID of the person presenting the check
  • We consider your possession of the owner’s courtesy renewal card as consent for you to renew the registration.
In what months are license plates renewed?

Alabama registers vehicles January through November, based on the first letter of the owner’s last name. Motor vehicle registrations expire on the last day of the month. For example: someone whose last name begins with the letter J, K, or R is required to renew in the month of August, and the previous registration expires on August 31. Leased, commercial and fleet vehicles are subject to renewal in the months of October and November and the registrations for these type vehicles expire on November 30; provided, vehicles registered pursuant to the International Registration Plan (IRP) are assigned renewal registration months by the Department of Revenue in Montgomery. For a complete list of the staggered registration system, click here.